It would be to your benefit to initiate a claim against another party for a violation of your civil rights. Have you received any legal papers that require a response? It is important to ask for qualified legal advice as soon as possible. As a civil litigation we represent clients throughout the Mississauga in Ontario.

A civil lawsuit is a private suit between two or more entities (whether individual persons, businesses, or government entities) that generally involves the infringement upon the rights and protections of individuals. Civil offences (torts or breaches of contract) can vary greatly and they can include offences ranging from a breach of contract or warranty, the unlawful taking of property, invasions of privacy, negligence, intentional and unintentional infliction of physical injury or emotional distress (personal injury) to severe rights violations, such as gross negligence, medical malpractice and wrongful death.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario Laksh Law is here for resolving civil litigation disputes. We are committed to helping you find solutions to your litigation matters, which are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are in a dispute with a business partner/individual or you are looking to sue/being sued, there are a variety of legal issues at stake. A legal consultation can help you understand what you are facing and it can provide you with options for protecting your interests.

We are dedicated to serving clients on a broad range of Civil Litigation matters. The Lawyers at Laksh Law strive to provide their clients with personal and professional legal services that can provide them with a peace of mind and positive results.


  • Contract disputes

  • Business disputes

  • Construction disputes

  • You want to sue or being sued

  • Losses suffered as a result of Negligence or contact breach

  • Loan recovery

  • Shareholder dispute

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